Privacy policy and your personal information

My policy regarding your personal information

My privacy policy is to respect and safeguard your personal information. I abide by the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 and comply with the EU GDPR.

Use of your personal information

The only personal information that I record about you is what you send to me through the contact page of this website and then through emails or other means of communication.
I will use your personal data only to communicate with you and to complete the translation or editing work that you have requested me to do. As per good professional translation practice, part of this task is to get my translation work checked by a colleague. You may hear this stage in the translation process called editing, revision, proofreading or another term but it will require me to pass your information to a colleague. My colleagues will also respect and safeguard your personal data.

Apart from for this checking process, I will not pass your personal information to anyone or any organisation except as required by law (for example, as an approved translator of driving licences, I must allow the New Zealand Transport Agency access to my records if they request it). I will not use your personal information to contact you for any reason except in regard to the work you have contacted me about.

The running of a website necessarily records background information such as your IP address but I do not record this information.

I do not maintain a list of contact details for my own use or to pass on to any other party.

Storage and retention

Within the limits of what I can control:

  • I will retain your information securely for a maximum period of 7 years or as required by law.
  • I will delete your information if requested to do so by you (via my website contact page or email) or within a reasonable time of the end of the 7 year retention period.
Your access to your personal information

If you wish to know what personal information I hold about you or if you wish to change it, please contact me.

Use of cookies

This website only uses cookies (actually only one cookie) to collect the information you send to me from my contact page.